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by Judy Harvey - 23:04 on 17 July 2014

I will be writing entries into my blog at least once a week. Responses are encouraged. I want to tell you about our new arrivals and ideas and also review books which I think are worth pondering.

We are now handling ANTA pottery. We can work with you on-line to chose the individual pieces and patterns which you like. We can order the items for you and have them directly delivered to your house. You can also buy any pieces which we have in stock.

We also expect a new shipment of scarfs from London within the next week. Come in and see our selection.

Book Review: "The Orphan Train" by Christina Baker Kline

The subject of the story is about the American orphan trains, which ran from the east coast of America though the mid-west out to California from 1854-1929. Abandoned children were taken on trains by well meaning Christians to help the children hopefully get a better life. Their European parents, who came to America to seek out their fortune, found poverty and unemployment instead. May were Irish. The parents sadly had to give up their children because they could not care for them or feed them.

The trains made many stops along the way. Most children were taken by farmers to be extra hands. Some were mistreated and abused. A minority were taken into loving homes but that was the minority.

This story is told from the perspective of an elderly woman who tells her long, sad and challenging tale to a very troubled and rebellious teenage, who has her own difficult problems.

Ms. Kline's style helps the reader to feel the anguish, cruelty, resolve, happiness and peace that the main character, Vivian Daily, experiences. She also illustrates the connection between the two characters, which promotes a lasting and deeply intimate relationship between Ms. Daily and Molly Ayers.

The orphan train saga has many tales. This is just one of them. It is a good read. I recommend it for book clubs as well. There are discussion questions in the back of the book.

Happy reading. Judy

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